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500 Leads in less then 72 hours - was the result for an HP campaign run on the ResourceCenter platform.

Leadix is an innovative, web-based lead generation and tracking platform that integrates a variety of tools for lead generation, customer conversion and customer retention.

Our platform is an ideal solution for publishers, agencies and marketers who want to get the most out of media campaigns, new product launches and existing websites - as well as any kind of online advertising activity.

Leadix addresses all of the technical, marketing and operational requirements necessary to successfully manage and sustain a web based marketing solution.

Additionally, it offers the ability to support a multi-tier distribution model so that companies can sell services to their customers who in turn can take advantage of Leadix's fully configurable integrated platform to sell their own products to their end-users.

Leadix is a market-tested, scalable platform that enables companies to quickly implement online solutions. It allows you to focus on selling and marketing your products and services while we provide seamless back end services.

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Success Stories

Five hundred leads in less then 72 hours was the result for a Hewlett Packard campaign run on the ResourceCenter platform. Launched in more then 12 European countries, the HP campaign was a tremendous success for all involved parties.


"We are very pleased with the amount of power and flexibility provided by the Leadix platform, which drives our SafetyBase.com portal for machine and process safety topics." - Leslie Miller, Senior Marcom Specialist, Siemens AG


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