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"I can find out all I want to know about the Dell line of Switches...pricing, functionality, options, and their applicability to environment - will they work for me and are they a good value."

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In today's world, getting the business depends on getting the results. Leadix not only provides agencies' clients the reporting they need, but offers a unique opportunity to generate the qualified leads that make a campaign truly successful.

Solutions for Agencies

Here are some of the benefits that the Leadix platform offers agencies:

  • Leadix allows advertisers to cost-effectively create a real-time, customized marketing message targeted to their customers
  • Leadix becomes a new lead generation tool for agencies to add to their roster of services
  • Unique features include lead generation tools, up-to-the minute performance reports, forums, content enhancements, and "send to a friend" button for extended audience reach
  • Advertisers can determine immediate ROI and optimize campaigns for better performance
  • Leadix provides outstanding reporting capabilities with 24/7 access, enabling advertisers to analyze and understand a user's behavior and interaction within the SiteCenter, and allowing advertisers to optimize their messaging and media placements for maximum ROI

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Success Stories

Five hundred leads in less then 72 hours was the result for a Hewlett Packard campaign run on the ResourceCenter platform. Launched in more then 12 European countries, the HP campaign was a tremendous success for all involved parties.


"We are very pleased with the amount of power and flexibility provided by the Leadix platform, which drives our SafetyBase.com portal for machine and process safety topics." - Leslie Miller, Senior Marcom Specialist, Siemens AG

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