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"My personal work experience with Leadix has been a very positive one... I appreciated all their hard work and effort in helping this project launch on time, and would welcome the opportunity to partner/work with them again should the opportunity present itself."

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By adding Leadix to their advertising solutions, publishers easily increase revenue opportunities while providing more successful campaigns to their advertisers. Publishers can leverage their traffic and supplement their editorial with valuable content that engages visitors and provides real results for loyal advertisers.

Publisher Solutions

Here are some of the benefits that the Leadix platform offers publishers:

  • Create incremental revenue by launching SiteCenters or ResourceCenters from any sponsorable link, including e-mail blasts, editorial sponsorships, newsletter sponsorships, text links, banners and more
  • Build new revenue streams and inventory with dedicated landing pages. Landing pages offer site users a content-rich, advertiser focused area to compare products, services and the latest in a company's business offerings. Full support is available for design, creation and hosting for any proprietary landing pages
  • User-initiated technology
  • Traffic stays on your website
  • Ability to leverage existing traffic and loyal readership into additional revenue opportunities
  • Create a more successful advertising platform for your advertisers, creating customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Marketing, product and development support available at an additional cost

A few selected Publishers that benefit from Leadix:

Industry Solutions


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Success Stories

Five hundred leads in less then 72 hours was the result for a Hewlett Packard campaign run on the ResourceCenter platform. Launched in more then 12 European countries, the HP campaign was a tremendous success for all involved parties.


"With the Leadix platform, we were able to launch an exciting and detailed web 2.0 portal focused on closed-cell spray foam insulation within a very short period of time." - Pattie Q. Pan, Director of Marketing Communications, Honeywell International Inc.

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