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"Lucent gives enough details ("meat") that I can figure out what they're selling and how I might integrate it into my network."

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Lead Management and Analysis

The Leadix platform provides robust performance reporting and lead generation tools that allow marketers to understand user activity levels and optimize content to best position their companies' products and services in front of their target prospects and customers. Each product also features tools to aid in customer conversion as well as customer retention and has specific toolsets geared towards various marketing needs.

Helping Companies Reach Their Goals


A highly powerful solution for any company looking to enhance existing sites, launch new sites or integrate advertiser content in a highly interactive fashion into their content portal.

  • Ability to embed seamless into existing sites
  • Scalable framework allows same unit to be launched as a full site with its own branding
  • Turn-Key/Quick time to market
  • Real time content updates
  • Multiple source content integration
  • Co-exists with and expands upon Doubleclick/Dart and other systems
  • Highly scalable from 1 to 100+ pages
  • Large variety of modular features and functionality available on-the-fly

Products & Services

Usefulness to end-users

In general, how useful is it to be able to access a vendors information about a specific product or service without having to link to another site? Over 90% said the ResourceCenter was useful.

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Leadix Platform Features

  • Turn-Key - Lead Generation & Analysis
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Campaign Optimization
  • ROI Calculations
  • Lead Nurturing
  • On-going Communication
  • Scalability
  • On-the-fly content updates
  • Robust reporting
  • Lead generation tools


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