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"My personal work experience with Leadix has been a very positive one... I appreciated all their hard work and effort in helping this project launch on time, and would welcome the opportunity to partner/work with them again should the opportunity present itself."

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Online Research Platform

Leadix's Online Research Platform makes it easy to perform studies by providing an array of digital tools useful for collecting data, disseminating content geared to experimental/control groups, allowing communication between and among participants and moderators, and more. Powerful reporting tools make it easy to review all data and calculate trends.

Professional Research and Web Experiment Resources


  • No Technical Staff Needed
    Deploy and manage study features quickly and easily, without the need for technical skills.
  • Granular Control of Content Display
    Display different content to control and experiemental groups, based on phases or other categories. Leadix's platform stands out for its ability to control content dissemination by multiple factors.
  • Out of the Box or Totally Custom
    Get up and running right away with our out of the box user interface or enjoy full interface customization for every detail.


Features available to maximize your study scope and quality include:

  • Surveys
  • Polls
  • Education modules and exams
  • Specialized content displayed to experimental or control groups
  • User registration and profiles
  • Notifications and reminders
  • FAQs
  • Forums and discussions
  • Support and other forms
  • PDF, video, audio, PowerPoint and other media options
  • Private messaging (between or among users and moderators)
  • Articles, blogs
  • Trackable links

Reporting Features

  • Study dashboard
  • User demographics
  • Survey and poll results
  • Participation rates
  • Warning light indicators (showing late or missed timed surveys, etc.)
  • Filters by experimental/control groups and phase
  • And much more

Call us today at 1-888-724-3545 or e-mail for more information on Leadix's Online Study Platform or other Leadix products and services, or to set up a live online demonstration with one of our consultants.

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Leadix Platform Features

  • Turn-Key - Lead Generation & Analysis
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Campaign Optimization
  • ROI Calculations
  • Lead Nurturing
  • On-going Communication
  • Scalability
  • On-the-fly content updates
  • Robust reporting
  • Lead generation tools
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